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Kitchen Appliances


Kitchen appliances are an important part of any Kitchen design. Our designers will try to determine which of all the styles of appliances would suit your kitchen/life style, to be able to make recommendations that will benefit the overall design and functionality of your new kitchen.

Please click on the highlighted appliance types below to see a video link of each of the styles discussed.



Many people are used to using gas cooktops due to their creating a fast and easily maintained temperature. Now if you click on the link "video new induction style cook tops" , you will see not only do they exceed the gas cook tops in getting to the required temperature and maintaining the desired temperature, they are also a much safer appliance. Again, we will design your kitchen with the kitchen appliances that will suit your lifestyle. 



Please follow the link once again to see the difference between the (Video) Semi-Integrated and Fully-Integrated dishwasher models. The most important thing is that whether the dishwasher is integrated or just has a stainless or white front, the best finish for your new kitchen is that it is a built in dishwasher, not a free standing dishwasher. With a built in dishwasher, not only can it be adjusted right up under the bench top with no gaps, the kick board can run across the front to avoid any gaps either side where food/dirt etc can get stuck.



Similar to dishwashers, fridge/freezers can be either integrated or in a stainless steel or white finish. The most important thing is to understand is that if you want the fridge to be completely flush with the surrounding cabinets, you pretty much will have to go with the integrated style of fridge for this kitchen appliance. Please click on the (Video) Integrated fridges link to see a video of this style of fridge.

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