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Kitchen Hardware


When selecting a manufacturer of your kitchen, it is not only importantant to know they are able to design your dream Kitchen, but that your kitchen is going to stand the test of time. Kitchens Squared use only the best hardware to ensure this that your investment will give you the lasting benefits that you should expect with such a sustantial investment. There fore be aware there are varied manufacturers and even varied levels of quality products within these manufacturers. We have found through our many years of manufacture, that BLUM (VIDEO) exceed all others in their soft close drawers and soft close hinges. Please click on Blum above to follow the link to a video showing their products. Our showroom in Glen Waverley has multiple Kitchens on display to show you first hand, not only how much better the Blum product, but also how we manufacture to maximise the longevity of their products. Otherwise for a direct link to their site please click on the BLUM WEB SITE.

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