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All of our designers have over 19 years experience in designing kitchens and bathrooms. Registered Building Practitioner, Kitchen Bathroom Design Institute, Housing Industry Association & Master Builders Association. Click on the images below for direction to any of the Associations web sites.

Registered Builders

Is your kitchen or Bathroom more than $5000? If so, your renovation company must legally be registered as a builder to supply your kitchen, as it is classified as building works in Victoria.


Also, if your project is more than $16,000 (as most kitchens and Bathrooms are) the registered builder must also provide you with the necessary Domestic Building Insurance to ensure that you are protected against losing any money you have paid in deposits, as well as giving you the peace of mind, that no matter what happens to the company you have employed, any issues you may experience will be rectified. 


For more information please see the Victorian Building Authority website.


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